Definitions for "STRUDEL"
This pastry is Hungarian in origin but made famous by the Viennese. Strudel pastry is an extremely thin dough with a lot of elasticity, made from special flour, oil and water. Commercial phyllo pastry can be substituted. It is brushed with butter, filled with fruits and rolled then baked until crisp and golden brown. Apple is the most traditional filling, but other fruits such as pears, nectarines, peaches, apricots, cherries can be used as well as cheese or quark fillings. Danish strudel is made from a yeast-based dough and German strudel is made from puff pastry.
a log of thin stretched dough enfolding juicy fruit or cheese filling. Favorites are sliced apples and currants, cherries and almonds, or cottage cheese and raisins. Reputedly of Austro-Hungarian origin, and never forgotten by those who have tasted it
A fruit sweet made from very thin layers of pastry.