Definitions for "Structure"
Structure is a framework for two-dimensional molecular visualization written in Java and based on Octet.
The architecture of a wine, both chemically and organoleptically, is a combination of its main component and its most distinctive flavors.
A tasting term. When a wine is described as having structure, the taster is referring to the tannin and acidity levels. These elements give the wine a presence in the mouth; without them wine would tend towards a flabby, fruit flavoured drink.
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The limits set for the ante, blinds, and betting rounds.
The limits set upon the blinds, bets and raises in a game.
The schedule by which the antes and blinds (forced bets) increase.
The act of building; the practice of erecting buildings; construction.
Manner of building; form; make; construction.
That which is built; a building; esp., a building of some size or magnificence; an edifice.
a predicate with zero or more arguments, written in functional notation
Term consisting of a functor and a sequence of arguments. The number of arguments is the arity of the term. A structure is written in functor notation as follows: functor, followed without intervening space by an opening left parenthesis, followed by comma-separated arguments, and a closing right parenthesis. If the arity is zero, the term is also referred to as an atom and is written without parentheses. For structures with an arity of one or two an alternative notation may be used if the functor has been defined as a prefix, infix or postfix operator.
Context A term in Prolog. Definition structure conforms to the following syntax: A structure is: Either: A functor, Or: functor followed by an open-parenthesis ('(') followed by a comma-separated list of arguments followed by a close-parenthesis (')') Examples For example, the following are all structures: student(name(Nick), semester(9)) ancestor(A,D) student(course(MA301), prof(Alfred), semester(9), name(Nick)) Abraham The last is a structure because it consists of a functor. Such structures are also called atomic constants (or atoms).
Arrangement of parts, of organs, or of constituent particles, in a substance or body; as, the structure of a rock or a mineral; the structure of a sentence.
Manner of organization; the arrangement of the different tissues or parts of animal and vegetable organisms; as, organic structure, or the structure of animals and plants; cellular structure.
1.) The form of a mineral based on the way its molecules are arranged. 2.) Features exhibited in rock portions, for example flow banding and bedding.
Can be either of the following: A scalar data object of derived (user-defined) type. An aggregate entity containing one or more fields or components.
A data object that is scalar and is of derived type.
a data type which puts a variety of pieces together into one object
The primary spacecraft structure is composed of aluminium honeycomb panels, providing strong but lightweight mounting points for the other subsystems. The secondary structure consists of thin aluminium lateral panels which serve as mounting points for the solar cells and sun-sensors.
a system comprised of interrelated subsystems and their components
a work made up of interdependent and interrelated parts in a definite pattern of organization
Subsurface folds or fractures of strata that form a reservoir capable of holding oil or gas.
mineralised or non-mineralised geological feature
Geologic in nature, structure can be a permanent breakline like a Rock Break, or a hump, saddle, ledge, flat, river channel, etc.
a set of interconnected parts of any complex thing
a particular complex anatomical structure; "he has good bone structure"
a complex data type like a class, however the class allows methods and property accessors
The information components within an HTML document. For example: headings, lists, and paragraphs.
Logical or physical organization such as the division of a document into sections, pages, paragraphs, sentences and words; or the use of an outline format. An example of the use of structure in HTML is the use of different levels of headings and sub-headings or the use of Ordered or Unordered Lists.
a basic unit of programming logic
In C, an aggregate data type that can contain constants, variables, and other structures. In C++, a structure can also contain functions and all of a structure's members are implicitly public. More generally, a collection of data elements.
The Structure data type is a set of variables, similar to a structure in the language.
In venture capital terms the type of financing that is used to finance a small business.
A discrete area of deformed sedimentary rocks, in which the resultant bed configuration is such as to form a potential trap for migrating hydrocarbons.
A geological formation which, if sealed against leakage, could be a potential structural or stratigraphic trap or hydrocarbons. A man-made load-bearing construction, such as an offshore platform, usually designed by structural engineers.
in oil industry terms it refers to a feature within the earth’s crust with the potential to trap migrating hydrocarbons.
A symbol of a dynamic system of related principles, like the Balance Structure has principles that describe its parts, functions, and relationships.
In literary studies this term refers to the large-scale aesthetic form of a work as a whole: the relations among its parts and their relation to the whole work. Parts include the beginning and ending, the chief events enumerated in between, the gaps or transitions between events, elements repeated, and the means by which the work may be ultimately regarded as unified and coherent. In a narrative work, structure also involves the representation of time, the duration of the action, the pace or tempo of its unfolding, intervals between events, and the order in which events are presented as opposed to the order in which they actually occurred. This macrocosmic level of structure is distinct from the microscopic level referred to as style, which as a rule considers smaller-scale aspects such as an author's diction and syntax, cadences, and paragraphing. In general, myths tend to be analyzed structurally rather than stylistically, with attention to the largest building blocks rather than to the fine points of style associated with particular authors.
a convenient way of grouping several pieces of related information together
a block of code that works together
a double helix - like the two handrails of a spiral staircase - with the helical strands bonded together with monomers known as nucleotides
a double helix looking something like a twisted ladder
The patterns of the distribution of matter in the universe, as probed by the cosmic microwave background radiation or observations of galaxies.
The spatial distribution and total organization of the soil system as expressed by the degree and type of aggregation and the nature and distribution of pores and pore spaces.
the people in a society considered as a system organized by a characteristic pattern of relationships; "the social organization of England and America is very different"; "sociologists have studied the changing structure of the family"
Overall geometry of folds, faults and joint patterns in a rock mass.
the overall plan of the composition
A term used to describe the overall relationship of rock masses e.g. folding, faulting, unconformities
an assembly of individual components such as beams, columns, slabs, plates, etc
An assemblage of various systems and components to function as a whole.
A stable assembly of components which carries a load while resisting various applied stresses, and transfers the load though its foundation to the ground.
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sulcus survival syllogism
Data table formatting that is broken into header blocks and data blocks. The PTWin32 Tutility (Table Repair) program allows some damaged structures to be rebuilt.
see data structure.
a data storage method designed by you, the programmer, to suit your programming needs exactly
An item-like data structure with no graphical representation that consists of one or more pairs of attribute names and values, which can consist of other structures. See also sequence and attribute access facility.
a format or sequence in which activities are performed
an object consisting of a sequence of named members
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When a municipal bond issue will mature. See: Term Bonds, Serial Bonds, Balloon.
Refers to the tax and legal structure of a CMBS such as a pass-through structure, a bond structure, a Collateralized Mortgage Obligation (CMO) or a Real Estate Mortgage Investment Conduit (REMIC). The "structure" can determine the tax benefits, or penalties, and the rights of the CMBS holders and the issuer in the event of a failure or default within the terms of the security. Most CMBS are senior/subordinated, multiple class pass -throughs classified as REMICs.
a critical determinant of poly(A) site recognition bycleavage and polyadenylation specificity factor
a regularized infolding of an aleatory outside
an obligatory process followed by the selection of ordered, mutated DNA forms that ultimately give rise to metastases
The combination of debt and equity that were used to finance a company.
a combination of connected modules, some of which may have parameters coded directly to their input ports, others which may be connected, and others, which are not connected at all
a dwelling, a store front, a factory, and so forth, or some combination
an example of high-level information and entails lesser levels of low-level information
an unusual example of a major scientific discovery, not just because of the incredible impact it had
A wood or steel support found along transmission lines that is used to support conductors.
In the sign industry, a fabrication designed for and capable of supporting a sign. Can refer to internal or external skeleton (exoskeleton) of sign as well as support pole or mechanism.
The rafters and trusses that support decking.
an operational ensemble of indeterminate meaning
An improvement whose primary use or purpose is for housing or accommodation of personnel, personalty, or fixtures. Property Tax Rule 122, California Code of Regulations.
a caduceus coiled in opposite directions
a physical attribute that can be present or not, such as an annulus (or ring on the stem) or ornamentation on the spore
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a mechanism in which motion is precluded
a synchronic system of differences, but difference is also, "at the same time," deferral
a wave system, where two entirely different wave systems interact
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The layering columns of crystals, or other features found within snow.
a display feature that includes other display features within it, all of which appear to be connected into a unity
apart from shape and form, structure refers to the physical properties of the feature- height, length and width.
the strategy of your writing. Structure includes both the organization of details and the emphasis of details. (Back to Writing Guidelines)
The navigational pathways within a site and how the content is organized.
Organization, sometimes symbolic and sometimes substantial and sometimes both.
The visual attribute that represents the shapes that appear in the image, as determined by shape-characterization techniques, rather than by local shape-segmentation methods (which are affected by problems due to lighting effects and occlusion).
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an atom that determines all traits was named fifty years before
The size and disposition of the constituents of a metal as cast.
a description of a set of relationships at a moment in time
The complete set of relationships between parts of a learning program as displayed in a course map or learning plan.
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a template for a record
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a bit-mapped flag used to limit search results to specific parts of an HTML document, such as the title or in H tags
Inherent properties of a text, that are independent of its presentation.
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an entity that is undivided, complete and total
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a 'must-visit' page of Access Excellence
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a generalization of an array
The terms, beginning, middle, and end as the progression of a situation.
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Synonym for compound term.
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a class definition defined with the class-key struct "
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a named view on a package -- a set of bindings
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give a structure to; "I need to structure my days"
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The sizes, shapes, and/or ages of the plants and animals in an area.
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See record.
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