Definitions for "STRIPS"
The interest coupons that have been separated from the underlying bond residue and sold at significant discounts to their face value; BBS ledger balances in debt securities are used by customers to create ledger positions in the stripped bond components.
Securities created by separating interest payments on a bond from each other and the repayment of the principal to create standalone securities.... more on: Strips
Separately Traded Registered Interest and Principal Securities. These instruments are created when the component parts of a bond (the principal on the one hand and the coupons on the other) are separated and traded individually. This has the effect of converting a fixed-rate issue into a series of zero coupon issues.
These are products like Crest Whitestrips, they are stretchy and almost invisible strips which are impregnated with whitening ingredients. Worn on the teeth for a short while each day and then discarded. Professional Strips have a higher concentration of active ingredients.
These are products like Crest Whitestrips. They are stretchy and almost invisible strips that contain whitening ingredients. Whitening strips are worn on the teeth for a short period of time each day and then discarded. Professional Strips have a higher concentration of active ingredients.
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Refers to an implementation of a General Problem Solver written in Prolog.
In artificial intelligence, STRIPS (Stanford Research Institute Problem Solver) is an automated planner invented by Richard Fikes and Nils Nilsson in 1971. The same name was later used to refer to the formal language of the inputs to this planner. This language is the base for most of the languages for expressing automated planning problem instances in use today.
(or stripped book) - when printed material has had all or part of it's cover removed. This signifies that the work was reported unsold and destroyed. It is not legal to sell these as the author & publisher's have never been paid for them. They are legally stolen.
Strips was a semi-autobiographical black-and-white comic book series about the sexual coming of age of a 19-year-old named Zack. It was written and drawn by Chuck Austen and published by Rip Off Press in the late 1980s. Although it was originally planned to run for about 40 issues, after several breaks, and a brief venture into online publishing, Strips is (as of 2005) relegated to a footnote in comics history.
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Long pieces of leaf that have been threshed or cut away from the stem. At this point, the strips will be blended, compressed, and cut to produce rag.
Flooring boards to be installed in parallel rows, manufactured in various thicknesses and widths. Strips are connected with a tongue and groove joint.
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See flight progress strips.
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Sheet material, sheared into narrow long pieces.