Definitions for "Striker"
Keywords:  blacksmith, hammer, sledge, wields, pin
One who, or that which, strikes; specifically, a blacksmith's helper who wields the sledge.
Refers to any shmup enemy which quickly appears onscreen, fires a shot (or several shots), and then quickly rushes back offscreen. Notoriously difficult to successfully shoot down.
someone who hits; "a hard hitter"; "a fine striker of the ball"; "blacksmiths are good hitters"
Keywords:  fighter, score, forward, attack, threat
a player whose primary duties is to work the attacking half of the field
A term that can be used interchangeably with forward, though it sometimes refers specifically to a forward that is his team¿s primary scoring threat.
a forward on a soccer team
Keywords:  harpooner
A harpoon; also, a harpooner.
Keywords:  unionist, dissatisfied
a dissatisfied unionist
Keywords:  workman
A workman who is on a strike.
A seaman that is trying to attain a rating. Such as an ET or sonarman, or radioman rating.
A non-rated [sailor] who is qualifying for a petty-officer's rate.
a "NON-RATE" trying to
Keywords:  derek, cga, canister, spies, expended
This is about the video game Striker. If you are looking for the board game, see Striker (board game).
Striker is a side-scrolling CGA helicopter combat game written by Derek Williams in 1985 that was popular in that era. The object of the game is to complete a series of missions involving picking up and dropping off spies, destroying aliens, etc. using a helicopter that can fire bullets and drop bombs. Fuel is expended whenever the helicopter maneuvers, and extra fuel can be obtained by bombing a fuel canister.
This is about the board game Striker. For the video game of the same name, see Striker (video game).
Keywords:  frontline, loyal, wrecking, poly, specs
Bio & Tech Specs: Striker is a frontline one-robot wrecking crew. Incredibly loyal to the Maximal cause. His hide is constructed of specially treated poly-alloy armor, and plates across his back serve as secondary energy receptors.
Keywords:  wencher, lewd, man
A wencher; a lewd man.
Keywords:  nash, pete, tabloid, magazine, british
Striker is a comic strip (and for a time, it was a magazine) in the British tabloid The Sun, created by Pete Nash.
Keywords:  fistfight, hothead, ready, who
a hothead who's always ready for a fistfight
anyone who participates in a strike or work stoppage (including a stoppage due to the expiration of a collective-bargaining agreement) or any concerted slowdown or other interruption of operations by employees.
an employee on strike against an employer
Keywords:  chim, rique, bitmap, font, editing
A bitmap font (i.e. *strike) editing program from TYPE* chimérique. There's a Striker information page. Windows version only.
Keywords:  mallet, hit, turn, batsman, bowled
the player whose turn it is to play, or is playing.
The player whose turn it is. Turns are determines by the color of the balls: blue, red, black, yellow (green, orange). A strike is the actual hitting of the ball with the mallet.
the batsman whose position is currently at the end of the pitch where balls will be bowled to him and he may hit them.
a priority, and Matteo Ferrari's future needs to be sorted out
Keywords:  sled, runner, see
See sled runner.
A striker is a mechanical device forming part of an fuselink which, when the fuse operates, releases the energy required to cause operation of other apparatus or indicators or to provide interlocking.
Keywords:  stuart, necessity, pace, someone, power
a necessity, someone with power and pace please Stuart
someone receiving intensive training for a naval technical rating
enlisted member in training for a particular rating.
A blackmailer in politics; also, one whose political influence can be bought.
Keywords:  steel, fit, fingers, thin, shaped
a thin piece of steel that has been shaped to fit around your fingers
the part of a mechanical device that strikes something