Definitions for "Strike zone"
Keywords:  batter, kneecap, umpire, armpits, swing
the area above home plate where, if a pitched ball passes through and is not hit by the batter, the pitch counts as a strike. Specifically, it is directly above home plate and at a height from the knees to the shoulders of the batter.
The area in which a ball thrown by a pitcher will be called a strike by the umpire if the batter does not swing. Varies widely.
The area over home plate between the batter's armpits and knees when the batter is positioned to swing. Any pitch that is delivered through this area is called a strike.
Keywords:  perma, tombstone, shipper, caps, race
Point of key potential customer sales, e.g., Best Buy's race track, end caps, and perma-shipper (a.k.a. tombstone)
Keywords:  headpin, target, side, area
Target area on either side of HEADPIN.