Definitions for "Stretcher"
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A piece of timber used in building.
A narrow crosspiece of the bottom of a boat against which a rower braces his feet.
A crosspiece placed between the sides of a boat to keep them apart when hoisted up and griped.
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A litter, or frame, for carrying disabled, wounded, or dead persons.
The frame upon which canvas is stretched for a painting.
A wooden frame over which the canvas of a painting is stretched. Since rectangular stretchers are easier to construct, they are much more common. However, they can be any shape, including oval, round, octagon and hexagon. The edges of the canvas are attached to the stretcher with either tacks or staples.
A brick or stone laid with its longer dimension in the line of direction of the wall.
a brick laid with its long side to the face of the wall.
Brick with side showing on wall face. (Wood, Margaret. The English Medieval House, 410) Related terms: Bond / Header
a device used in medical professions to carry casualties or an incapacitated person from one place to another
A stretcher is a medical device used to carry casualties or an incapacitated person from one place to another. It is a simple type of litter, and still called by that name in some cases.
One of the rods in an umbrella, attached at one end to one of the ribs, and at the other to the tube sliding upon the handle.
(1) Crossbar to which the low rope is attached for horse towing. (2) Cross plank or bar used to strengthen the hull of a narrowboat.
The steel tubing fitted into attachment points that adds stability to the adjustable height table assembly.
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An overstretching of the truth; a lie.
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(UK) An adjustable footplate.
Fabric scrap sewn to outer cover to extend cover into hidden areas of furniture, thus conserving expensive outer-cover upholstery fabric.
Auxiliary support – fabric over wood, tongued and slotted at its joints to allow tightening. Stretcher Examples
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trim shapes of naked polish or british girl between trim angles.
Trim shapes of tile between trim angles.
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One who, or that which, stretches.