Definitions for "Stray"
Keywords:  wander, astray, rove, roam, drift
To wander, as from a direct course; to deviate, or go out of the way.
To wander from company, or from the proper limits; to rove at large; to roam; to go astray.
Figuratively, to wander from the path of duty or rectitude; to err.
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A currently or recently owned dog or cat who may be lost; usually well socialized but may become wary over time. A stray's kittens or pups may be feral.
homeless cat
a cat adoption agency with two locations at the PetSmart stores in Pembroke Pines on Pines Cats Exclusive
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a person born outside the county they are referenced in
Stray were formed in 1966. Vocalist Steve Gadd (born 27.2.1952, Shepherd's Bush, West London), guitarist Del Bromham (born 25.5.1951, in Acton, West London) (ex Tradera), bass player Gary Giles (born Gary G Giles, 23.2.1952, in London) and drummer Steve Crutchley (born c 1952) formed the band whilst all were attending the local Christopher Wren School in London. They signed to Transatlantic Records in January 1970.
an animal found strayed away from its owner or from the range where it belongs. Something some people do not understand is that often cattle from several neighboring ranches become mixed up during the season and need to be sorted and sent back to the proper homes. This is the reason proper branding and marking are so important.
Stray is the 16th episode of the first season of the WB original series, Smallville. The episode was written by Philip Levens and was directed by Paul Shapiro. It originally aired on April 16, 2001.
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Stray is a novel by A. N. Wilson. It is a follow-up to his book Tabitha, as it follows the life of Tabitha's father.
not close together in time; "isolated instances of rebellion"; "scattered fire"; "a stray bullet grazed his thigh"
(1) Not a member of the participating party in the trade at hand; (2) not a meaningful indication of a customer's desire to take a sizable position or be involved in a stock.
An individual that breeds in a population other than that of its parents.
an un-owned animal that is friendly and enjoys human contact
a recorded event in which a person is described in the record as being from or connected with, a place outside the area in which they normally lived
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To cause to stray.