Definitions for "Stratified"
Having its substance arranged in strata, or layers; as, stratified rock.
consisting of many layers of cells.
Arranged in horizontal layers.
Keywords:  stratigraphy
In an analysis of data, a particular clinical or pathologic feature(s) is used as the basis for comparison, e.g. clinical stage, pathologic stage, PSA, Gleason score
(used of society) socially hierarchical; "American society is becoming increasingly stratified"
The third level in Morton Fried's stages of evolution of political society. It is characterized by leadership based upon power, an unequal ratio of leaders to positions of leadership, unequal access to the means of a livelihood, and a system of goods allocation based upon redistribution.
Keywords:  intertidal, randomly, plots, mid, pool
a sampling pattern where you have some level of separation between plots, e.g., the mid and low intertidal zone are considered separately and you sample randomly within each area, or when you are sampling only flat surfaces and not pool.
form of tournament in which entrants of different rank compete in different events, held simultaneously.