Definitions for "Stratification"
Pre-germination treatment to break dormancy in seeds and to promote rapid uniform germination. Accomplished by subjecting imbibed seeds to a pre-chill treatment.
The simulation of the soil conditions of fall and winter. Seeds are placed in a moist, sterile potting medium or sand, or kept in a cold dry place – depending on the treatment strategy (see Appendix B).
Read the entry on pretreating seeds first. Ok. So the seed must first undergo a cold period (just above freezing at 35 or so degrees F) before germination can occur. Instead of waiting an entire season or year, hasten the process by chilling seeds in the refrigerator. To prevent seeds from sticking and to keep them evenly damp, pack them together with vermiculite or sphagnum moss. Place in an airtight container or bag. Do not remove until the appropriate time period has passed. Each variety of seed has its own requirements.
The act or process of laying in strata, or the state of being laid in the form of strata, or layers.
The deposition of material in successive layers in the growth of a cell wall, thus giving rise to a stratified appearance.
A system of social hierarchy that may be organized around differences in wealth or power, as well as around ascribed statuses such as race or sex.
Occurs in blended fuels that have a compatibility problem. It is usually experienced when paraffinic based oils are mixed with asphaltic based oils, causing asphaltenes to precipitate and settle to the bottom of the tank.
A condition where the concentration of acid is greater at the bottom of the battery than at the top. This condition is caused by undercharging, and if not corrected can cause premature failure of the battery. This condition can be prevented by periodic equalization.
Occurs when the acid concentration varies from top to bottom inside the battery electrolyte. Periodic equalization produces gassing that will mix the electrolyte. (See Equalization)
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Change in water quality that occurs when river flow slows due to a dam and colder, oxygen-depleted water sinks to the bottom. If water released to produce electricity is from the lower levels, the oxygen-depleted water can change downstream habitat.
A term referring to the uneven heat distribution of most forced air systems. Hot air is blown around your living space creating pockets of warm, then colder air. Hot air also tends to collect near the ceiling where it is needed the least.
A way of ordering individual people within a social system. The different rungs of the ladder depend on, for example, income, education, work, or power. The term can also mean ranking anything on different levels, by group or category.
division into groups. Stratification may also refer to a process to control for differences in confounding variables, by making separate estimates for groups of individuals who have the same values for the confounding variable. ( Therapy)
the degree to which there is an uneven distribution of resources among different groups of individuals and states (91)
An effect that occurs when air containing smoke particles or gaseous combustion products is heated by smouldering or burning material and, becoming less dense than the surrounding cooler air, rises until it reaches a level at which there is no longer a difference in temperature between it and the surrounding air. Stratification can also be caused by forced ventilation.
The phenomenon where the upward movement of smoke and gases ceases due to the loss of buoyancy.
a classification of all possible changes in the canonical structure that can take place for sufficiently small perturbations of a given matrix or pencil
Condition in which the larger particles settle out below the finer one. Also referred to as a classification.
the division of a society into groups that have varying degrees of access to resources and power.
the ranking of categories of people in a society into a hierarchy of prestige and privilege
Non-homogeneity existing transversely in a gas stream.
Capacity to offer demographic segmentation on a list; the addition of such demographics to a customer file.
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Stratification has several usages in mathematics.