Definitions for "Strategy map"
a useful tool for linking strategy with the company's intangible assets
Balanced Scorecard architects Kaplan and Norton coined this term to describe the inter-relationships among measures that weave together to describe an organization's strategy. See also, "Cause and Effect."
An icon based hierarchial map of an organisation's performance vision that ultimately is driven by measurable performance targets that are associated with performance indicators linked to measurable strategy map items. The strategy map can also contain Action Plans and action plan tasks that help steer the organisation into meeting its performance targets.
A matrix that categorizes six strategy types (causal, persuasive, and supportive), which a program employs to influence its boundary partner. Strategies are aimed at either the boundary partner or the environment in which the boundary partner operates.
a diagram that describes how an organisation creates value by connecting strategic objectives in explicit cause-and-effect relationships with each other
a diagram that describes how an organization creates value
a model of how an organization creates value
a one page graphical representation of what you must do well in order to execute the strategy
a tool for translating strategy into operational terms as indicated in the graphic illustration above