Definitions for "Strategies"
What ways (how) will you choose to accomplish your goals? (How will we go about "Taking the Hill?")
A strategy is a series of planned and sequenced tasks, which together allow for achievement of the critical success factor. Strategies must be clearly stated, observable and measurable.
The principles that show how an organisation's major objectives or goals are to b achieved over a defined time period. Usually confined only to the general logic for achieving the objectives.
a Democratic political consulting firm with proven winnin
a full-service public affairs firm that helps clients shift public opinion, win public acceptance, and get to the root of grassroots problems with comprehensive community outreach services
a successful, fast-growing benefits and compensation consulting firm with a reputation for innovation, creativity and getting the job done
Suggestions on how and when to use different sustainability tools for eco-efficiency evaluation. See methods, tools
The number of alternative pooling strategies evaluated (using simulation) to estimate the precision and bias of the estimated prevalence for each option.
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All the possible actions of each player in a game. (p. 354)
Ways in which the students are taken into the action and the means by which they will explore the dramatic focus. The teacher will need to choose a range of strategies and may have to change strategies mid drama to get the desired outcomes.
Ways of tackling learning.
Techniques, principles, or rules that help students with mild disabilities learn how to learn independently and how to generalize their skills and behaviors to new situations.
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A long term plan, known as a flood defence management strategy, is developed and sets out the policy and objectives for flood defence taking into account a broad range of local interests and issues.
Any of the projects, programs or policies used to address congestion problems or mobility needs.