Definitions for "Strategic Plan"
The management team's vision for where and how they will win on a sustainable long-term basis in terms of customer, product, channel, quality, delivery, and cost.
A plan that defines the organization's Mission, Vision, and strategic goals.
strategic plan is a multi-year report prepared by each agency which lays out the goals of the agency and its methods, resources, potential problem areas, and plans for future improvement. These plans are required under the Government Performance and Results Act.
a document that, in the context of this history, presents a road map for the future
a forward-looking document and board members need to stay directed to the future as they create it
a high level roadmap for an organization's future
a detailed nuts and bolts document that helps to operationalize the strategy
a dynamic document, it should never be 'cast in stone'
a 'live' document
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a journey, not a destination
a work-inprogress to access and change in accordance with sights set on the long term
a disciplined effort to produce fundamental decisions that shape and guide what we are, what we do, and why we do it
a set of management decisions about what the client will do to be successful
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a start, a launch pad for greatness
a management tool used to improve the performance of the organization
a reflection of--and a tool for--that shift in direction
a process to assist a group develop a clear direction of where they are going and what they are going to accomplish
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a part of a strategic process