Definitions for "Strategic Objective"
A written statement describing an intended outcome; a results-oriented objective.
The result (intended measurable change) that a USAID operational unit, along with its partners, can materially affect. The timeframe of a strategic objective is typically 5-8 years for sustainable development programs, but may be shorter for programs operating under short-term transitional circumstances or under conditions of uncertainty.
The most ambitious result that an Agency operational unit, along with its partners, can materially affect, and for which it is willing to be held accountable within the time period of the strategic objective.
The document that describes your vision for your company when it is complete. It includes metrics like your profit goals and sales goals as well as intangible goals such as Customer Satisfaction and Employee Moral.
a goal to reach
an identifiable, measurable, desired end result, which if achieved, will enable the Agency to achieve its mission, and ultimately, its vision