Definitions for "Strategic"
In modern military usage, the term "strategic" usually implies a war-prosecuting plan, campaign, or combat capability that could be rapidly decisive in defeating an opponent. In this book on proliferation, "strategic" usually refers to those weapons - long-range offensive nuclear arms, whether missiles or bomber aircraft - that are deployed for nuclear deterrence or retaliation, and to corresponding, strategically capable defensive weapons. Although the term "strategic" is usually associated with long range weapons and operations, in regions consisting of heavily armed small states (e.g., the Middle East), even shorter-range offensive systems may be considered strategic if they are nuclear-equipped and capable of striking deep into an opponent's heartland with potentially crippling effects.
The "big picture" level of war, the highest level of military operations. Strategic decisions are those made by the heads of nations or army commanders. Few miniature games are strategic in nature, but miniature games could be generated by a strategic- or (more likely) operational- scale campaign game. The opposite of strategic is tactical.
Essential to the conduct of a war.
performance measure. A yardstick or standard used to measure progress toward achieving a strategic objective. a measure of how well we are doing; an outcome measure.
Strategic elements of incident management are characterized by continuous long-term, high-level planning by organizations headed by elected or other senior officials. These elements involve the adoption of long-range goals and objectives, the setting of priorities, the establishment of budgets and other fiscal decisions, policy development, and the application of measures of performance or effectiveness.
As used in this document, information that permits users at the highest levels of government to define a high-priority issue, identify and relate broad but pivotal issues, and understand the most significant elements so as to arrive at an informed decision.
Of or pertaining to strategy; effected by artifice.