Definitions for "Strake"
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A trough for washing broken ore, gravel, or sand; a launder.
A hull plank.
A row of hull or deck plates. Their position is indicated by a capital letter, starting with for the strake alongside the keel. Several strakes have very nautical sounding names as well, e.g.: garboard strake also sand strake (next to the keel), bilge strake also closing strake (at the turn of the bilge), sheer strake (at the upper edge of the hull along the maindeck).
Long narrow surface, aligned with airflow and perpendicular to fuselage skin
long narrow surface perpendicular to fuselage skin and aligned with airflow
An iron band by which the fellies of a wheel are secured to each other, being not continuous, as the tire is, but made up of separate pieces.
A curved metal piece nailed to the outside rim of wide rimmed farm wheels in early carts and wagons to prevent wear. It was later superseded by the rim or tyre.
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imp. of Strike.
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A streak.
a device for controlling air flow over an aircraft
small stabilizer on aircraft surface (Kfir nose section)
A strake is