Definitions for "Straightness"
The deviation from the straight line of a tube length in mm per meter applies as measure of straightness for tubes. Tubes should be aligned straight according to the eye; complete straightness cannot be guaranteed. Special requirements have to be agreed, if applicable. For precision steel tubes with a diameter over 15 mm, according to DIN 2391, 2393 and 2394, 0.25 % of the gage length and for grades with yield stresses over 500 N/mm², 0.30 % of the gage length are valid. Requirements to straightness are determined in the dimension standards or are agreed especially. Mostly they can be fulfilled by special straightening only.
1. Parallelism to required line of travel (e.g. haunches neither left nor right of centerline) 2. Alignment of body parts appropriate to the task at hand (e.g. not a popped shoulder or twisted neck). 3. Directness of line of travel (e.g. not weaving).
The condition where an axis is a straight line (or, in the case of a centerplane, each line element is a straight line).
The absence of divergence from a right (straight) line in the direction of measurement.
trueness of course toward a goal; "rivaling a hawk in directness of aim"
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A variant of Straitness.
In roll goods refers to how straight a roll of material is when unwound from the roll.
having honest intentions; "he acted in good faith"; "doubt was expressed as to the good faith of the immigrants"
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freedom from crooks or curves or bends or angles
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of hair: lack of a tendency to curl
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The quality, condition, or state, of being straight; as, the straightness of a path.
a sexual attraction to (or sexual relations with) persons of the opposite sex