Definitions for "Straight edge"
a device for drawing representations of lines, such as, a ruler
a very useful shop reference and layout tool
A tool that is helpful in conjunction with a razor knife for mitering straight joints (such as double-cutting through two layers of wallpaper) and for use as a guide in trimming selvages on un-trimmed wallpaper.
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sheet stamp on which one side (edge), or two adjacent sides (edges), are without perforations. This is the way many early and some recent stamps were issued. A straight edge is a normal result of the production process.
Flat-plate or rotary-plate stamps from the margins of panes where the sheets were cut apart. Straight-edge stamps have no perforations on one or two adjacent sides. Sometimes straight-edge stamps show a guideline.
A stamp with one or two adjacent sides without perforations, caused by cutting the sheet into panes.
This can be as simple as a metre-long bit of 50mmx100mm or more elaborate, with markings every 10cm and lacquered to protect it from the weather. You can even screw a small handle near each end, or a bigger one in the middle, to make it easier to use.
A long straight metal (or sometimes wooden) rule used for marking or checking surfaces are level.
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An angle with measure of 180.