Definitions for "straddle"
The purchase or sale of an equal number of puts and calls, with the same strike...
A stock option giving the holder the double privilege of a "put" and a "call," i. e., securing to the buyer of the option the right either to demand of the seller at a certain price, within a certain time, certain securities, or to require him to take at the same price, and within the same time, the same securities.
A strategy involving the purchase (or sale) of both call and put options with the same strike price, same expiration, and on the same underlying. Both long and short straddles are strategies in the Trade Finder. A short straddle means that both the call and put are sold short, for a credit. A long straddle means that both the call and put are bought long, for a debit.
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An optional blind bet, usually twice the size and to the immediate left of the big blind.
In a game played with blinds, the player under the gun may raise before looking at their cards, effectively posting an additional blind bet. This is called a straddle. House rules often make these bets live, so that the player who posts a live straddle has the option of raising when it's their turn again, even if no one has re-raised. It's hard to imagine a good reason to do this in limit poker, although some players like to do it to liven up a tight table, or for advertising value.
An additional blind bet that takes place after forced blinds and is usually worth twice the big blind. In lowball, a multiple blind game.
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To stand with the ends staggered; -- said of the spokes of a wagon wheel where they join the hub.
To place one leg on one side and the other on the other side of; to stand or sit astride of; as, to straddle a fence or a horse.
the act of sitting or standing astride
To part the legs wide; to stand or to walk with the legs far apart.
The act of standing, sitting, or walking, with the feet far apart.
The position, or the distance between the feet, of one who straddles; as, a wide straddle.
Width of a trackway, measured across the diameter of the trackway.
the placement of completion equipment across a multilateral junction to achieve hydraulic integrity (level 5), or means to isolate the internals of the junction(s) from fluid flow and/or pressure from the reservoir.
Diameter of track at its widest point, measured across the oter edges of the footprints.
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strangle structured note
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(Coffee Market) Buying one month and selling another.
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range or extend over; occupy a certain area; "The plants straddle the entire state"
In futures trading, the same as the spread. Straddles (spreads) are between delivery months.