Definitions for "Stowage"
Keywords:  cargo, freight, marine, ship, utmost
The act or method of stowing; as, the stowage of provisions in a vessel.
The placing of goods in a ship in such a way as to ensure the safety and stability of the ship not only on a sea or ocean passage but also in between ports when parts of the cargo have been loaded or discharged.
A marine term that refers to loading freight into vessels' cargo holds.
Keywords:  packed, things, room, stored, act
Room in which things may be stowed.
Things stowed or packed.
a room in which things are stored
Money paid for stowing goods.
Term referring to the act or process of fitting goods in a storage place (such as a container or a means of transport) or the state of being stowed.
the charge for stowing goods
The state of being stowed, or put away.