Definitions for "Storage Reservoir"
A reservoir in which storage is help over from the annual high water period to the following low water period.
A reservoir that can be used to store water for a variety of purposes, such as flood damage reduction, power production, navigation, water supply, and recreation.
A hydroelectric project that operates primarily for flood control and to adjust the natural flow regime to conform to river use patterns. Storage reservoirs retain water from spring-time snowmelts and release the water as necessary for multiple river uses: power generation, fish passage, irrigation, recreation, and navigation. Actual storage reservoirs in the Columbia Basin include Dworshak, Grand Coulee, Brownlee, and John Day. The storage reservoirs in CRiSP.1 are Dworshak, Chief Joseph (next downstream dam from Grand Coulee), and Hells Canyon (next downstream dam from Brownlee included in CRiSP.1).