Definitions for "Stones"
Hard, unyielding substances. Stones may be made in the liver, gallbladder, blood vessels or urinary tract.
a mass, usually formed from mineral salts, occurring within the hollow organs: kidney, gallbladder, urinary bladder.
Solidified (hardened) masses of once-fluid mineral particles which can lodge themselves in the urinary tract and block drainage of urine from kidney or bladder. (Also called calculi.)
Stones is a native Cocoa-Mac OS X full-featured editor for the game of Go. It supports SGF and will support XML formats. I also features a unique Go Screen Saver for Mac OS X.
A game, something like a cross between marbles, Go, and table croquet. Played without a grid, using pretty colored stones that would be called jewels elsewhere.
Any of various table games, played with pretty colored stones that would be called jewels elsewhere.
Crystalline contaminations in the glass, usually pieces of undissolved or crystalline silica, bits of refractory, or crystals due to devitrification. Stones are detrimental to appearance and may seriously weaken the glass, particularly if present in highly stressed areas.
Rock fragments greater than 25 cm in diameter.
Rock fragments 10 to 24 inches (25 to 60 centimeters) in diameter.
also known as rocks, made of dense, polished granite and quarried in Scotland. Each rock weighs 42 pounds. The granite is rare. To score, each player delivers two stones, or rocks, down a sheet of ice 146 feet in length.
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Stones was an album by Neil Diamond. It was recorded and released in 1971. One of the biggest hit records of his career.
A stony type of meteorite, including the chondrites.
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The total number of opals in the parcel.
Small masses of tissue that form in some of the body's internal organs and can cause abdominal pain or disease.
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In terms of soil science this is any particle greater than 2mm.