Definitions for "Stocks"
Widely used in the petroleum industry to designate inventories of crude oil or petroleum products at refineries, bulk terminals and in pipelines.
Certificates representing ownership in a corporation; they may yield dividends and can appreciate or decline in value. (See Authorized Stock; Common Stock; Issue Stock; Preferred Stock; Treasury Stock; Unissued Stock)
investments in shares of stock, common or preferred, traded, subsidiaries, and non-subsidiaries. (Securities and Exchange Commission)
A wooden device previously used in oil tannages especially for chamois. Two wooden hammers pound the oil into the leather prior to hanging in a hot room for the oil to oxidise. The hammers are driven by an eccentric wheel. This process is now done in drums where temperature and humidity can be carefully controlled.
a wooden instrument of punishment on a post with holes for the neck and hands; offenders were locked in and so exposed to public scorn
substantial item of bondage furniture based on medieval model, usually consisting of a two hinged pieces of wood with semicircular holes that when locked together form rings to trap neck, wrists and/or ankles.
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Goods that have been produced but are not yet sold.
Trading stocks, sundry stocks and work in progress net of progress payments.
These are what the company currently holds including finished products, unfinished products, and raw materials which the company has bought.
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Bricks made in a mould, either by hand or machine.
Hand or machine-made bricks made in a mould
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stocks - malignant pleural mesothelioma.
A large framework used to immobilize a horse and hold the hoof in position for shoeing. Shoeing stocks are commonly used for heavy draft horses, and sometimes for unmanageable smaller horses.
heavy timbers to which the sails are fitted - also called middlings
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A distinct group or run of salmon that return to the stream in which they are born. Salmon stocks exist for every species of salmon. Just as sockeye salmon are different from Chinook salmon, individual stocks of sockeye salmon are different from each other, possibly on the basis of genetics
Stocks of fish are fish populations--the total number of fish of each species.
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A supply of fuel accumulated for future use. This includes coal and fuel oil stocks at the plant site, in coal cars, tanks or barges at the plant site or at separate storage sites.
Supplies of fuel or other energy source(s) stored for future use. Stocks are reported as of the end of the reporting period.
Exchange warehouse stocks published by the LME every day for specific metals
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The frame upon which a vessel is built.
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