Definitions for "stochastic"
Conjectural; able to conjecture.
random; chance; involving probability; opposite of deterministic.
of or pertaining to a process in which a series of calculations, selections, or observations are made, each one being randomly determined as a sample from a probability distribution.
The stochastic oscillator is based on the assumption that as prices increase,...
Also known as a momentum price velocity indicator. Stochastic can be computed for a given time period, e.g. 10 days or even 52 weeks. Computed by dividing the difference between the day's closing price and the n-period historical low by the range between the n-period historical high and low, multiplied by 100. Some economists have found that anomalous returns are associated with momentum trades.
A principal momentum indicator or price oscillator used with natural gas futures, similar to the Relative Strength Index, although the calculation includes the lowest low and the highest high over a specific period.
biological dose-response relationships without a threshold dose before an effect is observed.