Definitions for "STN"
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See passive matrix.
Supertwisted Nematic
Super twisted nematic. Nematic is a type of thermotropic liquid crystal that has molecules arranged in definite patterns (rather than randomly as in the isotropic type of thermotropic liquid crystal). There is a particular kind of nematic liquid crystal that is called twisted nematic (TN) because it is naturally twisted. When these crystals have an electric current applied to them, they untwist to varying degrees, depending on the current's voltage. Nematic liquid crystals are used in LCDs because they have predictable responses to electric current, controlling the passage of light. Super twisted nematics have a twist of over 180°. Two kinds of STNs are often used in LCDs, monochrome super twisted nematics (MSTN) and color super twisted nematics (CSTN).
A proprietary file format patented by Iterated Systems, developed into a Photoshop plugin by Altamira Group and distributed by LizardTech as the Genuine Fractals Photoshop plug-in. It employs a lossless wavelet based compression scheme and a fractal based algorithm for scaling an image to a very high and accurate degree while maintaining the resolution in the source image. Over the years it has become the ad hoc standard for scaling, archiving and sometimes transporting high resolution digital imagery, especially photography.
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stomach, nonglandular
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Stanford University
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Sub-QCIF Subscriber
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Net shorthand for Signal-To-Noise. Refers to the amount of signal (good information) as compared to the amount of noise (bad information) in an area of the Internet.
Special Training Needs
Scottish Training Number - the Scottish equivalent of a Training Number.
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No Shear:Column fails without a clean shear
Public or Private Switched Telephony Network
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Standardisation Department