Definitions for "Stitches"
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Stitches is an Australian band from the Sunshine Coast, Queensland who formed in late 1999. The band was formed by Jeff Horder (Drums) and was filled out in 2000 by John Keen (Guitar) and Beau Deeley (Bass, Guitar). The band remained a three piece for over a year, developing a sound of their own described as sci-fi/trance/chunk (or Sci-fi shred rock).
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Usually measured per inch, the count of yarn tufts.
Stitches per inch. Number of yarn tufts per running inch of a single tuft row in tufted carpet.
The number of yarn tufts per running inch of a single row in a tufted carpet.
US knitting conferences and extravaganzas organized by Knitter's magazine, complete with market with vendors from all over the US. Call +1 (605) 338 2450 for information.
a family owned embroidery business
Metal staples used in the sealing of the joint of a container.
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Thread sewn into the garment to create a design.