Definitions for "Stippling"
A mode of execution which produces the effect by dots or small points instead of lines.
Method of painting that creates tiny points of light all over the glass.
A method for taking out brush marks and creating a transparent look on windows. Paint is mixed with linseed oil to slow the drying process, then brushed on the surface to be stippled. A stippler is created by wrapping a piece of cheesecloth or other lint-free cotton rag around a wad of cotton, which is then either held firmly in the hand or securely attached to a short stick,taking care that the work surface of the stippler is wrinkle-free. Stippling is done by daubing the stippler over the wet,painted surface.
A less computationally intensive form of alpha blending in which only a portion of the pixels in the mixed textures are drawn to the screen (see blending).
quilting stitches, when done by hand they can consist of closely spaced tacking stitches, when done by machine the pattern is of closely spaced squiggly lines. Both patterns are used to fill background space.
A technique used in both hand and machine quilting, though found more commonly in machine quilting. Stippling is a continuous, closely placed non straight line used to fill in an area of a quilt. The stippled line never makes a sharp turn and never crosses itself. Stippling is used to flatten an area of a quilt and to create texture. When stippling while hand quilting, the stitches made should align. Please see for an example of machine stippling.
To create depressions in the buccal and labial surface of the denture base to prevent leafy foods from adhering.
Converting process that applies an embossed surface to the paper.
A random pattern of stipples for improved gripping. See also Checkering.
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A mode of execution in which a flat or even tint is produced by many small touches.