Definitions for "Stimulus"
Keywords:  evokes, elicits, excite, goad, rouses
A goad; hence, something that rouses the mind or spirits; an incentive; as, the hope of gain is a powerful stimulus to labor and action.
That which excites or produces a temporary increase of vital action, either in the whole organism or in any of its parts; especially (Physiol.), any substance or agent capable of evoking the activity of a nerve or irritable muscle, or capable of producing an impression upon a sensory organ or more particularly upon its specific end organ.
Anything in the environment that causes a behavior to occur. This could be anything from a loud noise that makes a person jump, to a verbal request that gets a person to perform some action.
a cue or drive meant to arouse or motivate a person to act
A cue (social or commercial) or a drive (physical) meant to motivate or arouse a person to act.
Psychological term commonly used to refer to a cue, signal, or other sensory input that stimulates activity in the brain. Stimulus is the most general term and does not carry any connotation that the presentation is intentional Cue Deck
any stimulating information or event; acts to arouse action
a communication between two instances and is generated by an action
a communication between two Instances that conveys information with the expectation that action will ensue
Keywords:  substratum, awakening, mind
an awakening in the substratum of the mind
Keywords:  coma, agitated, sense, taste, sensation
a type of energy that is recognized by our senses
That which causes sensation (i.e., light for vision, salt for taste, sound for hearing, etc.). When a patient begins to emerge from a coma, an organized program of controlled stimulation is sometimes used to begin "exercising" the brain. However, when a patient becomes agitated, the amount and intensity of stimulation should be limited (e.g., only one task for one sense at a time). [Click Here To Return To List
a change in the environment that may be of sufficient strength to initiate an impulse
a signal from the animal's body or its environment
The agent which acts upon nerve or other tissues in such a manner as to change their activity.
any agent, act, or influence that produces functional or tropic reaction in a receptor or in an irritable tissue.
an agent, act, or influence which produces a reaction in a part of the body.
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See output pulse.
a distressful feeling a person can end by performing a behavior that will end the feeling
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See "target".