Definitions for "Stimulation"
Any process undertaken to enlarge old channels or create new ones in the producing formation of a well.
A procedure designed to increase the flow rate of fluid through a rock by enhancing its permeability through fracturing or acidizing.
The technique of getting more production from a down hole formation. Stimulation may involve acidizing, hydraulic fracturing, shooting or simply cleaning out to get rid of and control sand.
Administration of hormones that induce development of multiple ovarian follicles.
Induction of the development of a number of follicles in response to the administration of fertility drugs (see also controlled ovarian hyperstimulation and superovulation).
Administration of hormones which induce development of multiple ovarian follicles.
The irritating action of various agents (stimuli) on muscles, nerves, or a sensory end organ, by which activity is evoked; especially, the nervous impulse produced by various agents on nerves, or a sensory end organ, by which the part connected with the nerve is thrown into a state of activity; irritation.
(physiology) the effect of a stimulus (on nerves or organs etc.)
The process of changing the activity of nerve or other tissues.
The application of cyclic or periodic acoustical energy to a continuous inkjet stream to produce uniform break up of the inkjet stream or ligament.
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Straddle extraction plant
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The act of stimulating, or the state of being stimulated.
the act of arousing an organism to action
any stimulating information or event; acts to arouse action
The delivery of electrical signals to the brain.
Safe electrical stimulation used as a physical correction in the dog's training.
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mutual sexual stimulation prior to sexual intercourse
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Refers to the application of stimulation to an area of the body.