Definitions for "Stile"
Keywords:  sash, upright, vertical, door, panel
One of the upright pieces in a frame; one of the primary members of a frame, into which the secondary members are mortised.
The upright or vertical outside pieces of a stile and rail construction door.
A main vertical member of a door or window.
Keywords:  fence, pedestrians, ladder, gate, steps
A step, or set of steps, for ascending and descending, in passing a fence or wall.
is a construction, usually wooden steps or a ladder, that allows easy passage over a fence or other obstacle.
Structure built over a fence that allows hikers to cross over without having to deal with a gate.
Students' and Teachers' Integrated Learning Environment was a University of Leicester project funded under the Teaching and Learning Technology Programme.
Keywords:  shadow, cast, pin, dial, style
A pin set on the face of a dial, to cast a shadow; a style. See Style.
Keywords:  composition, mode, style, see
Mode of composition. See Style.
Keywords:  simple, basic, move
a very simple, basic move
Keywords:  flat, see
See Flat.