Definitions for "Stickers"
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thin, rectangular metal wedges, placed on the ground surface of the heel of a horseshoe. Used to provide better traction for racehorses.
Calks on shoes which give a horse better traction in mud or on soft tracks.
A type of shoe with calks to provide better purchase under adverse track conditions.
A sticker is a wooden strip or, its substitute, placed between courses of lumber in a pile at right angles to the long axis of the stock, to permit air to circulate between layers.
Stickers are strips placed perpendicularly between layers of stacked boards or flooring to improve air circulation. All lumber put into a kiln is “stickered” to promote uniform results by exposing every surface. Unfinished wood flooring should be “stickered” at the jobsite to arrive at equilibrium with the target environment of the occupied building. Straight Grain Also known as quartersawn, it is wood in which the direction and alignment of the wood fibers are parallel and run the length of the piece of wood.
When kiln or air-dryin wood, stickers are pieces of wood placed perpendicularly between layers of boards to allow for airflow through the stack. Stickers are usually placed 12 to 18 inches apart and directly over any support beams under the stack. Placing stickers as close as possible to the end of the boards helps to llimit end checking and reduce warp.
Slang term for new tires. The name is derived from the manufacturer's stickers that are affixed to each new tire's contact surface.
New tires that still have the factory sticker on them.
Brand-new tires with the manufacturer's label (or sticker) still on the surface. Teams generally use sticker tires during qualifying, then use scrubbed tires in a race.
A form of tagging, most commonly saying "Hello, my name is". Can be anything from computer-generated, clear, generic blank stickers that have the writer's name on them to elaborate stickers with little pieces and characters. Some writers consider stickers to be for people who are "afraid" to use markers/paint, while other writers use a combination of stickers with markers and paint.
Decorative decals that are placed on the face of a wheel before clearcoating.
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Stuck onto the bowl to identify it, from the other bowls.