Definitions for "Stencil "
Stencil is a library for developing Web-based applications in C++. It includes request and response objects, a skinnable template engine, server API abstraction, and facilities for load balancing, browser jogging, security and catching runaway CGIs. It also includes some useful Javascripts and images. Stencil is the successor to Groundwork.
Stencil is an Open Source C++ class library enabling developers to build web-based applications from HTML templates and CGI's or web server modules. Stencil is the successor to Groundwork.
A thin plate of metal, leather, or other material, used in painting, marking, etc. The pattern is cut out of the plate, which is then laid flat on the surface to be marked, and the color brushed over it. Called also stencil plate.
a weighted sum of circularly--shifted CM Fortran arrays
A pattern of memory references used for averaging. A 4-point stencil in two dimensions for a given array cell, x(i,j), uses the four adjacent cells, x(i-1,j), x(i+1,j), x(i,j-1), and x(i,j+1).
Name for a family of similar algorithms that combine the value from a cell in an input array with the values in its neighbor cells to make a new value for the same cell of an output array. A 2D stencil operates on the 9-cell neighborhood comprising a(i,j) and its eight neighbors (a(i-i,j), a(i+1,j), and so on). A 3D stencil operates on the 27-cell neighborhood around a(i,j,k). Conway's Game of Life and other cellular automata are usually implemented using a stencil algorithm, as are many graphics transformations such as smoothing and edge-finding. Stencil algorithms are both CPU-intensive and memory-intensive, and are challenging subjects for compiler optimizations.
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Stencil (Maria) is a fictional character, a mutant in the Marvel Comics Universe. Her first appearance was in Soviet Super-Soldiers #1.
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a cheap and effective way of applying a graphic
a graphic figure, much like an ink stamper, that is used to draw a graphic figure on the page
Carton marking applied directly to a carton by an ink transfer process. to top
an incredibly simple tool that's very, very easy to master and it gives you a large amount of power to discover the joy of creativity
a collection of shapes associated with a certain drawing type
a Visio file that contains a collection of shapes
Device used to aid in labeling cars and locomotives with descriptive and required information.
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a copy of a flash that is made on a special copying machine