Definitions for "Steering Committee"
A cross-functional executive group that sets overall parameters and provides high-level project guidance by interaction with the project leader, milestone status review and approval of resource requirements.
a committee charged with overseeing the PeopleSoft conversion. This committee receives project progress reports and recommends project changes for approval by the Sponsor/Champion
A steering committee is a small subgroup of the coalition that takes primary responsibility for the coalition's overall direction. Typically, the steering committee will include the coalition chairperson and a representative from the lead agency. The steering committee may also include subcommittee chairpersons and representatives from other organizations that have a major commitment to the coalition's objectives. Steering committees sometimes plan meetings and may provide decision making between regular coalition meetings.
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a focused group dedicated to implementing the directives of the EMEA Executive Advisory Council (EMEA EAC)
a group of members working under the chairmanship of the CEO with functional heads as members
a Technical Group
a decision-making body in an organization
Decision-making body above the daily management level established for the purpose of joint management by the partner, the Danish Embassy and, when relevant, other donors (Denmark).