Definitions for "stats "
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See 'attributes'.
Statistics. The physical and ethereal Attributes of your character and/or equipment.
Statistics - A set of values assigned to every character in the game. These determine how well they will acheive certain actions. For example a character with high strength and poor dexterity, will be able to carry a lot of equipment but may find it difficult to manipulate small objects.
Short for 'statistics'. When adult webmasters talk about their 'stats' - it can be in connection with one of a number of things. Stats are numbers stored by a computer program on the Internet. They might be your sign-up ratio, or to do with the number of surfers who have visited your page. Stats can count overall numbers of sales & visitors, or give you more advanced information. Some can tell you which page the surfer who bought something came from, or how your visitors are finding you. These two bits of information allow you to see where your efforts are working, and highlight areas that need improvement. Adult webmasters can get into 'stats' to varying depths, but they form an important part of most people's work on the Internet. To 'check stats' generally means 'to see how many sales you have had'. Eg. "I'm going to check my stats".
Data about the use of a web site or the effectiveness of an ad campaign. Make sure your ad server software provides real time stats like Ad Server Solutions.
A way of viewing the traffic to your site. Stats provide information ranging from how many visitors, where they came from, and what they viewed.
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Short for 'statistics,' stats refer to a player or team's 'accomplishments' throughout any given game. For instance, during games, statisticians keep track of shots, saves, fouls, etc., to create stats sheets to follow the players' progress. Individual and team stats can have a great bearing on playing time, game outcome, all-star selections, team rankings, and more.
A player's numerical accomplishments for a given week. For example, "Randy Moss's stats for week 14 are 3 TD's and 258 receiving yards."
The stats screen at the end of a game showing number of kills, and resources mined.
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contains PHP files to display log-in and quiz statistics. Please note that these files point towards the LDAP database used by TILT at UT Austin and would have to be modified to suit your server and database configuration.
Information gathered from the raw logs of a frame.
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The models statistics such as height, bust, waist, hips. For men it is height, chest and waist. Tearsheet - An actual page from a magazine, catalog or other print job in which the model has worked.
statistical information of a model, including measurements, size, height, etc.
A model's statistical information - his or her measurements, size, height, etc.
Attack, Defense, Speed, Special Attack, Special Defense, Accuracy, and Evade is the common combat grouping due to how they are affected in combat and by certain moves. However, HP and Level are also individual stats and vary among different pokemon. The Accuracy and Evade stats aren't included when giving stat listings for individual pokemon because the values are the same for every pokemon unless it is modified by an item or move.
Abbreviation for Statistics - An umbrella term meaning information that is available to Merchant or Affiliates regarding user sessions, sales, leads and myriad other useful marketing data.
a web-based, searchable directory of data sources for frequent users of government data in Washington State
stats generates statistics out of Leafnode's news articles.
Short-Term Assessment and Treatment Services. A unit for children and adolescents at Winnebago Mental Health Institute.
a general cross sectional(mainly) package with tremendous graphics capabilities
Colloquial: statistics. Refers to the total edits made by a given editor.
The over all calculations about email from a domain including total messages and bandwidth.
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Shortened form of statistics{2} (b).
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Statistics, a measure of production.