Definitions for "Statesman"
a dead politician, and Lord knows we need more statesmen
a deal politician
a person who does what is best for the citizens of this great country, while a politician is a person who does what is best for his/her own career
a man or woman of virtue, wisdom, diplomacy and courage who inspires greatness in others and moves the cause of liberty
a man who finds out which way the crowd is going, then jumps in front and yells like blazes
an easy man, he learns his lies by rote
A man versed in public affairs and in the principles and art of government; especially, one eminent for political abilities.
One occupied with the affairs of government, and influential in shaping its policy.
a man who is a respected leader in national or international affairs
The Statesman, or Politikos in Greek and Politicus in Latin, is a four part dialogue contained within the work of Plato.
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A small landholder.
A term used by leges to describe themselves when they turn their backs on the people who elected them to do the bidding of Big Daddy.
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Beth married a son of a famous Japanese statesman at age 20.
an individual who can carefully discriminate when, and when not to do this
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a stretch though