Definitions for "State Second Pension"
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( more) - Known as S2P, this additional state pension is paid in addition to the basic state pension. It replaced SERPS in April 2002, and now the additional pension can by built up carers, the long-term disabled and those on low incomes as well as employees (but not the self-employed). You may get a State Second Pension, even if you do not get any basic state pension.
The name given to the new additional state pension which replaced SERPS on 6th April 2002. S2P is intended to provide a more generous state pension for people on low or moderate earnings and for carers and people with a long-term illness or disability. back
This is the additional State pension (on top of basic state Retirement Pension) that used to be called State Earnings Related Pension (SERPS). The amount you receive depends on your National Insurance contributions. [ Back to A to Z list