Definitions for "startup"
the act of setting in operation; "repeated shutdowns and startups are expensive"
the act of starting a new operation or practice; "he opposed the inauguration of fluoridation"; "the startup of the new factory was delayed by strikes"
Procedure where turbine rotors begin to rotate from parked position, until the rotation matches the grid and can satisfy load
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A company at the very early stages of its lifecycle, defined in various ways: less than two years old; less than $5 million in financing; fewer than 20 employees; or startup-like in culture (operating at a fast-and-furious pace, people playing several roles, paying close attention to conserving cash).
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A new business venture in its earliest stage of development.
A new business venture. see also angel investor, confidence level, venture capital, payout period, seed capital.
The period of time starting with initial design or setup and ending with acceptable volume production, or achieving a stable process.
In Netscape, Startup defines the Netscape tools that will be launched, and the location of the home page. By default, the Netscape home page is displayed when Netscape is launched.
a lot like an ancient civilization, before division and specialization of labor
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a small company that takes on a hard technical problem