Definitions for "Staples"
Short fibers ranging from .75 to 18 inches long. All natural fibers except for silk are staple fibers.
Staples is a no-nonsense zine based in Adelaide, Australia. It features short stories, poetry and critical essays and each edition is sold for $4. It is supported by the University of Adelaide's Creative Writing program, and has featured works by prominent local artists such as Cath Kenneally, Ken Bolton, Rachel Hennessy and Moya Costello.
A mass of fibres growing in bunches, or clusters and also known as locks, each of which is held to the adjoining locks by binders or fibres running obliquely from one staple to another.
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Metal hardware used to attach louvers to tilt rod to allow tilting of louvers.
A fabric attachment that uses staples to attach the fabric to a frame system instead of screws. The fabric is stretched over a frame, then stapled to the frame.
Products that are constantly in demand and infrequently influenced by fashion changes.
Surgically sterile devices for connecting tissue; usually permanent and made of stainless steel or titanium
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A necessary or basic food, such as flour or sugar.
Products that are purchased routinely for everyday use, with little decision-making, and must be in stock at all times, such as cleaning supplies and food.
Fasteners for materials that are shaped like the letter U.