Definitions for "Stanley"
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Welsh journalist and explorer who led an expedition to Africa in search of David Livingstone and found him in Tanzania in 1871; he and Livingstone together tried to find the source of the Nile River (1841-1904)
Stanley was an American situation comedy starring Buddy Hackett, Carol Burnett, and the voice of Paul Lynde. It aired on NBC during the 1956–57 television season.
Stanley is an animated television series that was aired on Playhouse Disney, based on the series of children's books written by Andrew Griff. It was produced by Cartoon Pizza, Inc., and was developed for television by Jim Jinkins and David Campbell.
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Will Craig
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Stanley is an autonomous vehicle created by Stanford University's Stanford Racing Team in cooperation with the Volkswagen Electronics Research Laboratory (ERL). It is a standard Volkswagen Touareg (an SUV) modified to be driven by onboard computers. It competed in, and won, the 2005 DARPA Grand Challenge, earning the Stanford Racing Team the 2 million dollar prize, the largest prize money in robotic history.
Cup - Best-of-seven series between the Eastern and Western conference champions in the NHL to determine the World Champion.
Cup Championship of Hockey.
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The model-building GUI tool, written in Tcl. The Models it produces are represented as JMPL files.
United States inventor who built a steam-powered automobile (1849-1918)