Definitions for "Standing wave"
A wave that interferes with its own reflection so as to produce oscillations which stand still, rather than traveling down the length of the medium. Standing waves on a string with both ends tied down make up the harmonic series.
The appearance that the sound wave from a pure tone is not moving anywhere. It produces spots where the pure tone is loud (called a lobe) and other spots where the same tone cannot be heard at all ( this is a null). These spots will occur at distances of only a few inches to a few feet apart, depending on the wavelength of the tone. It will be difficult to tell the direction that these tones are coming from because these waves are not moving.
Continual waves which remain in one place; usually caused by the dissipation of energy when a fast flowing current reaches a slower pool of water or by obstructions.
An acoustic signal between two reflective surfaces with a distance that is an even multiple of one-half of the wavelength of the signal's frequency.
a buildup of sound level at a particular frequency that occurs when any dimension of the room is equal to any multiple of the wavelength. You would hear it as a peak in the frequency response of the room.
A buildup of sound level at a particular frequency that is dependent upon the dimensions of a resonant room, car interior, or enclosure. It occurs when the rate of energy loss equals the rate of energy input into the system. This is what you hear when you listen into a sea shell.
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see Haystack
a time invariant solution that is a function of position only
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State-variable filter
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a continuous form of Normal mode