Definitions for "Standing Order"
A regular payment which you request from your account for a fixed sum on a fixed date to another bank account. This facility is normally only available for Current accounts.
Regular payment system whereby the purchaser of goods or services instructs their own bank to pay direct to the supplier's bank.
Allows you to make regular payments of a fixed amount from your UK account to a UK-based beneficiary by Electronic Transfer eg. monthly rental payments to a landlord.
An order with a target rate where the f/x dealer monitors the market and automatically locks in a trade should the market hit the target rate. Generally associated with a specific time period, after which the standing order will expire.
An order for a monograph that will be published in successive installments, but which has an ending date or volume number.
A general order to a dealer to supply the volumes or parts of a particular title or type of publication as they appear, until notifies otherwise.
a convenient way for patients, physicians and Centrex to monitor certain test levels
a service that gives you maximum convenience if you regularly send payment overseas to the same beneficiary via Outward Telegraphic Transfer (OTT) or Demand Draft (DD)
automatic draft
A risk management tool in which Ruesch monitors the market and is authorised to act upon the client's request to buy foreign currency at a target rate.
The rate that many mortgages revert to after the introductory offer.
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a reservation for pickup that will occur
a profile that is sent to you on the anniversary of your purchase
A purchase agreement in which the purchaser contracts with the vendor to provide a purchaser's requirements for an item(s) or a service for an established period of time.
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an agreement with a publisher that when a book gets published, the publisher will send it to us with a bill