Definitions for "Stand Up"
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Stand Up is the second album by Jethro Tull. Prior to this album, original guitarist Mick Abrahams had left the band due to musical conflicts with Ian Anderson. Abrahams wanted to stay with the blues-rock sound of This Was, while Anderson wished to branch out into other musical forms.
Stand Up is an album by Dave Matthews Band, released on May 10, 2005. It was produced by Mark Batson.
"Stand Up" is the debut single for Trapt's second album Someone in Control. It received radio airplay on July 12, 2005, and receives regular play-time at the Air Canada Centre during the pre-game warm-up of the Toronto Maple Leafs hockey club.
Someone who can be counted upon. Someone who won't back down. Someone who will not be an informant.
refuse to back down; remain solid under criticism or attack
defend against attack or criticism; "He stood up for his friend"; "She stuck up for the teacher who was accused of harassing the student"
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STAND UP is a national campaign that seeks to positively impact the current crisis within the United States public education system by calling upon community leaders, parents, students and citizens to encourage change and STAND UP for better schools and the future of America’s children. STAND UP was founded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Eli Broad Foundation, and was launched in April of 2006 on The Oprah Winfrey Show in a two part feature.
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rise to one's feet; "The audience got up and applauded"
rise up as in fear; "The dog's fur bristled"; "It was a sight to make one's hair uprise!"
A fighter's effectiveness on his feet. A kickboxer or puncher is said to have good stand-up, meaning he's dangerous when both fighters are standing. A fighter who lacks knock-out power or has poor boxing technique has weak stand-up.
put into an upright position; "Can you stand the bookshelf up?"
be standing; be upright; "We had to stand for the entire performance!"
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v.i. (of a wicket-keeper) to stand immediately behind the striker's wicket so as to catch balls bowled by a slow or spin bowler and potentially stump(2) batsmen out. cf. stand up.
(slang) take a trick, perhaps surprisingly; in particular, survive without being ruffed by an opponent.
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For a pat hand to still win after all the cards are out. Maggie had aces, but they didn't stand up.
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Slots that require players to stand while playing.
Slot machines where you play standing up.
Slot machines where one must stand up to play.
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a coaster ridden while standing up instead of sitting down.
A commentary or report by a TV correspondent seen on camera, usually at the scene of the action. Used to open, close, or bridge the elements of a report.