Definitions for "Stanchions"
These form the framework of the sled. Sleds can have one, two, or three stanchions. They are attached by bolts or tied with rawhide or nylon strings.
the stabilizing struts between the basket, the burner mount and the load cables. On some balloons the stanchions are actually load-bearing elements; on others they simply act as stiff or slightly flexible guides for the actual load-bearing elements and connections from envelope sensors to the instrument console. Also referred to as "burner supports", or more generically, "supports".
Upright posts of wood or iron, placed so as to support the beams of a vessel. Also, upright pieces of timber, placed at intervals along the sides of a vessel, to support the bulwarks and rail, and reaching down to the bends, by the side of the timbers, to which they are bolted. Also, any fixed, upright support; as to an awning, or for the manropes.