Definitions for "Stampede"
A wild, headlong scamper, or running away, of a number of animals; usually caused by fright; hence, any sudden flight or dispersion, as of a crowd or an army in consequence of a panic.
Any sudden unconcerted moving or acting together of a number of persons, as from some common impulse; as, a stampede to the gold regions; a stampede in a convention; a stampede toward U. S. bonds in the credit markets.
To run away in a panic; -- said of droves of cattle, horses, etc., also of armies.
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Stampede is the fifth studio album by American rock band The Doobie Brothers, released in 1975. (see 1975 in music).
Stampede is the eleventh studio album from Swiss band Krokus. It features an almost competely different line-up to that of their last album (with the exception of Fernando Von Arb), and was, perhaps ironically, recorded in the band's home town of Solothurn by Jürg Naegeli, a former member of the band. It is also the only Krokus album to date not to feature Marc Storace on vocals since he joined the band.
a tragedy that should not have happened if the organizers had the foresight and the expertise to see that those events are made without incidents, in an orderly fashion