Definitions for "stakeholder"
Any party that has an interest ("stake") in a firm.
Individuals or institutions (public and private) interested and involved in UNCCD related processes and activities.
Anyone who is impacted or believes they are impacted by the operations or practices of the Company is a stakeholder, including customers, employees, business partners, shareholders, governments, communities and non-governmental organizations. Some also consider the environment a stakeholder.
Any person legitimately involved in or affected by the evaluation, for example, students, their parents/guardians, teachers, guidance counselors, school psychologists, and others who make decisions that affect the education of the student.
Anyone with a share or legitimate interest in the business
A party who has an interest in decisions and actions about the retirement plan. It includes plan members and beneficiaries, and may include others who may be entitled to plan benefits in circumstances such as marriage breakdown. Depending on the circumstances of the plan, it may also include the plan administrator, employers, collective bargaining agents, employees associations and others.
anyone who lives, plays or works within in a watershed.
People impacted by management efforts or natural events. Stakeholders may or may not be decision makers. For example, the stakeholders in Higginsville City Lake Watershed include all public water users (residential and business), all agricultural producers in the watershed, federal, state, county, city, and other local government agencies responsible for water resources, and people who use the lake for recreational or other non-drinking water purposes.
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The holder of a stake; one with whom the bets are deposited when a wager is laid.
A person or company, usually the agent or solicitor, with whom money has been deposited pending the sale of property.
The purchaser's deposit is held by the vendor's solicitor as stakeholder, i.e. as trustee for both vendor and purchaser. Upon completion, the solicitor releases the money to the vendor.
The Government has introduced a Stakeholder Status for ISAs. This benchmark is designed to identify straightforward savings products which are simple, clear and fair. Stakeholder Status does not guarantee the best performance nor is it necessarily suitable for every saver. Tracker rate Our Base Rate Tracker Mortgages track the Bank of England base rate. The Tracker rate is not the same as the Bank of England base rate but the difference between the two will be the same. No entries.
A type of pension scheme designed to be good value for money by having low charges, flexible payments and so on. Usually it means a personal pension that meets these conditions, but some types of occupational scheme can also be Stakeholder schemes.
This is a name for a pension scheme that meets certain conditions, including the charges and the way the scheme is run. Since October 2001, most employers that do not already offer a pension scheme must choose (nominate) a stakeholder scheme. Although the employer does not have to pay into this scheme, they must allow their staff easy access to the scheme.
an investor or other party involved financially in the placement of ABM or POS devices at locations
a person with money invested in a business.
someone entrusted to hold the stakes for two or more persons betting against one another; must deliver the stakes to the winner
a person who owns one or more Stakes
One who holds a deposit as an intermediary between the buyer and seller, so that the deposit may only be passed on to the seller with the permission of the buyer, or returned to the buyer with the permission of the seller.
Someone who requires an evaluation to be carried out, is informed of the findings or participates in the evaluation, as an evaluator or subject