Definitions for "Staging"
Doing tests and exams to learn the extent of a cancer, especially whether the disease has spread from the original site to other parts of the body. Staging helps determine appropriate treatment and prognosis.
classification of the primary tumour (T), lymph node involvement (N), combined with tests to see if the cancer has metastasised (M). Tamoxifen: an antiestrogenic drug which blocks the growth of breast cancer tumours whose cells depend on oestrogen to divide.
Examination and tests to learn the extent of the cancer, specifically if it has spread from its original site to other parts of the body.
The second phase of the RSO&I process. It involves the organization and preparation for movement of personnel and material at designated areas to incrementally build forces capable of meeting the operational and tactical commander's requirements.
The process of bringing new content to the Web. New Web pages can be changed incrementally or altogether, and may have a preview period.
Horizontal surfaces giving shipbuilding personnel access to the work, either inside or outside the hull; may be supported by temporary members attached to subassemblies or by wood or metal uprights, usually portable.
In IW, the staging area is a separate section where completed DCRs are stored.  When working on a file, keep it in the workarea.  When the file is ready to go online, submit it to the staging area so it can be deployed.  Editions are also published out of the staging area
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getting rid of a stage of a multistage rocket
Often called stopping out, in color correction it is the application of opaque to litho negatives, or the application of special mastoid material to protect areas in the negatives (or positives) in order to prevent reduction of dot sizes during etching.
Staging is OSFI terminology for placing an institution on a graduated watch list, where each graduation, or stage, indicates more serious financial difficulty and more aggressive supervisory intervention. Five stages are outlined in the Guide to Intervention for Financial Institutions . Staged institutions are those where problems have been identified (i.e., at Stage 1 or higher).
The process of redecorating or rearranging the interior and exterior of a home for the intention of attracting buyers. Staging utilizes basic interior design theories for color and space but it worked around de-personalizing the home, defining rooms and spaces, and making it universally appealing.
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a system of scaffolds
Picking material for a production or sales order and moving to a separate area for purposes of consolidation or identifying shortages. Staged material is normally handled as a location transfer and not as an issue to the destination production or sales order.
A method of consolidating selected partner offerings with the offerings from the enterprise's other partners.
The process of moving a stored object from an offline or low-priority device back to an online or higher priority device, usually on demand of the system or on request of a user. When a user requests an object stored in permanent storage, a working copy is written to the staging area.
The process of getting product from its storage area and placing it near the loading area for later shipment; or in cross-docking, the process of unloading product and organizing it for immediate shipment.
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an unidentified item managed by Mike Cook
(1) Design and placement of elements for events. (2) Implementation of an event.
the placement of compressors, pumps, cooling systems, treating systems, and so forth, in a series with another unit or units of like design to improve operating efficiency and results.
Endo is classified from stages 1-4, depending upon the degree to which your body is affected
See picture ] a platform around the body of the mill
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the production of a drama on the stage
Moving the assembled web pages to a server where the pages can be reviewed and tested before publishing them to the public. A staging site is typically a close copy of a "live" site.
Accumulating or assembling goods before sending them.
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Area of racetrack that leads to racing surface, where drag cars line up or paired up before making a run down the strip.
Setting up the audience with one or more confederates
A structure of posts and boards for supporting workmen, etc., as in building.
In this context, used to describe local migration and concentration near spawning sites prior to spawning.
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A service provided by many host teams for 8 and under swimmers that assists the swimmers in getting to the starting area on time and in the correct lane.
The process of organizing books in call number order onto book carts, in preparation for shelving.
The process of preparing negatives and printing plates for printing. Also called stopping out.
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The business of running stagecoaches; also, the act of journeying in stagecoaches.
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The way materials and tools are placed on the job site. Good staging includes arranging materials so they can be accessed in the power zone, keeping heavier materials off the floor, and placing materials as close to work spaces as possible, so less manual lifting and carrying will be required.
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See Fractionation
Where the listening perceives the origin of the music to be coming from.
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travel by stagecoach
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The first day of training, held in the U.S., before flying out to the host country
Laying out the physical elements in a given space to fulfill a given purpose.
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the producing or directing of a film
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The planning of how the action will take place.