Definitions for "Stage manager"
One in control of the stage during the production of a play. He directs the stage hands, property man, etc., has charge of all details behind the curtain, except the acting, and has a general oversight of the actors. Sometimes he is also the stage director.
A very important person who gives instructions or “calls” for just about everything that happens on stage. Because directors usually leave soon after a show has opened, stage managers are also responsible for seeing that a production continues to be performed just the way the director wanted. Stage managers lurk unseen by the audience, either just out of sight in one the wings or in a booth at the back of the house. This is where the Rep’s stage manager works during a show although there will also be an assistant stage manager backstage.
The person responsible for the management and successful completion of the stage. [D01889] WST
a tactful communicator with a sense of humor
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In charge of making sure things get done.