Definitions for "Staffing"
Identifying competent people suited to the various type s of work involved in the project and adding them to the project team. [D03296] RMW
The process of hiring and training employees needed to perform an agency function.
A management function that includes hiring, motivating, and retaining the best people available to accomplish the companies objectives
a Professional Employer Organization (PEO), staffed by skilled professionals who possess numerous years of expertise in a wide range of management fields
The function within an organization responsible for recruitment, screening and selection of employees. Oftentimes, this function may also be responsible for other areas of employment, such as orientation, retention, training and termination of staff.
Staffing refers to the support functions necessary to make the coalition work (e.g. planning meetings, preparing agendas). Staffing is typically a responsibility of the lead agency.
a full-service human resource organization that also handles computer training and testing for our candidates
a meeting where students, teachers, and parents meet to exchange information and formulate a plan for improving academic performance
Personnel required for a program or a project.
The personnel strength as expressed in the numbers, series, and grades of personnel required and/or available. It is expressed in relationship to the applicable organizational level.
a temporary apartment placement agency
a temporary apartment placing agency
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