Definitions for "Stacks"
The term "stacks" generally refers to the areas in the library where the books are shelved. It can also mean the bookshelves on which library materials are arranged.
the shelves where library materials are located.
Usually free standing shelving bookcases within a library, where library material is shelved.  The term “open stacks” means that library patrons are free to browse and choose the books they want to check out.  UCSD Libraries are “open stacks” collections.
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Stacks (born Yannique Barker) is a rapper from Potomac, MD He has collaborated with Paul Wall, The Game, Lil Wayne, P.
Isolated rocky prominences or pinnacles left standing above a marine platform as erosional remnants.
a pillar like rock formation, found in coastal areas detached from the headland. They form as a result of marine erosion.
a large number or amount; "made lots of new friends"; "she amassed a mountain of newspapers"
Sometimes called plates, these are small laminations of metal that when "stacked" together and wrapped with wire, make up the poles of your armature.
Dealer cheques in various denominations used to pay off winning wagers. OR... any other wagers or Color In (Out) stacked up on the table
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Pipes which ventilate plumbing drains.
a software package of utilities for molecular systematics, providing complementary sets of utilities for viewing and manipulating molecular data
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Generally refers to a number of speakers stacked on top of each other. Each stack will usually contain a number of specialised speakers (high, mid, bass, sub-bass) all broadcasting from the same source (eg. front-of-house desk).