Definitions for "Stacked"
Stacked was an American television show originally aired in 2005 on FOX. It was hailed as the opposite of Cheers, instead of a smart person in a "dumb" place, it is based on the concept of perceived-as-dumb person in a "smart" place. A workplace ensemble comedy, Stacked revolves around beautiful Skyler Dayton (Pamela Anderson) who is tired of her non-stop partying lifestyle and bad choices in boyfriends.
Keywords:  skier, shift, misaligned, skis, binding
A condition characterized by a shift in the binding of a book, causing the covers to become misaligned.
The body position in which the knees are directly over the ski bindings, the back is straight, and the skier's weight is centered over the skis.
A book with a shifted binding.
Keywords:  arduos, physique, kiln, cubic, ready
well or attractively formed with respect to physique
The word used when refering to a kiln that has been loaded and is ready to fire. Stacking a kiln is an arduos task. Every cubic inch must be consummed. A well stacked kiln fires better than a loose one.
(slang) (of some or all of the cards) unfortunately distributed (usually for declarer).(2) prearranged.
Standing with weight evenly distributed on all four feet.
Keywords:  cake, sinking, poles, pushed, multi
A multi-layered cake effect in which each layer is place directly on top of the next layer down. Little support poles or separators are pushed into each layer to prevent the layers from sinking into each other.
Keywords:  joined, vertical, plane, windows, above
When two or more units are joined vertically.
Windows that are joined in a vertical plane, one above the other.
Keywords:  arranged
arranged in a stack