Definitions for "stack"
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A section of memory in a computer used for temporary storage of data, in which the last datum stored is the first retrieved.
A data structure within random-access memory used to simulate a hardware stack; as, a push-down stack.
An adaptor container class, built usually on top of a vector or deque. The stack provides rapid access to the topmost element. Elements are removed from a stack in the reverse of the order they are inserted into the stack.
A number of flues embodied in one structure, rising above the roof.
Any single insulated and prominent structure, or upright pipe, which affords a conduit for smoke; as, the brick smokestack of a factory; the smokestack of a steam vessel.
The vertical main in the drain, waste, and vent system, extending one or more stories.
a combination of ephedrine, caffeine, and aspirin given in a specific ratio to increase fat loss
a component found in thermogenic weight loss pills, composed of ephedrine, caffeine and aspirin working to speed up the metabolism and thus cause calories to burn faster and result in weight loss
a component found in thermogenic weight loss pills consisting CarboBurn
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A large and to some degree orderly pile of hay, grain, straw, or the like, usually of a nearly conical form, but sometimes rectangular or oblong, contracted at the top to a point or ridge, and sometimes covered with thatch.
An orderly pile of any type of object, indefinite in quantity; -- used especially of piles of wood. A stack is usually more orderly than a pile
To lay in a conical or other pile; to make into a large pile; as, to stack hay, cornstalks, or grain; to stack or place wood.
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A pile of wood containing 108 cubic feet.
To place in a vertical arrangement so that each item in a pile is resting on top of another item in the pile, except for the bottom item; as, to stack the papers neatly on the desk; to stack the bricks.
The height of the horizontal slats of a blind when raised to the top of the window.
programming: A document created by HyperCard. It works as a series of cards (hence the term stack, as in stack of cards) and is meant to be viewed by others on the computer. As you flip through the cards, you are apt to find anything: sounds, animation, music, and ways to interact. Many CD-ROMs use HyperCard stacks as front ends for navigation and control.
a HyperCard document
Computer files created with authoring programs such as HyperCard or HyperStudio. A stack is a method used to group information based on the index card metaphor. Stacks can contain any combination of text, graphics, or objects with programming scripts.
The section of a library containing shelves which hold books less frequently requested.
a traditional unit of volume used in Britain for coal and firewood. The stack equals 4 cubic yards, which is 108 cubic feet or about 3.058 cubic meters. As a firewood measure, a stack equals 27/32 = 0.843 75 cord.
arrange in stacks; "heap firewood around the fireplace"; "stack your books up on the shelves"
Stack: a System for Teaching and Assessment using a Computer algebra Kernel. This project provides tools for integrating computer algebra functions into learning and teaching systems.
In algebraic geometry, a branch of mathematics, an algebraic stack is a concept introduced to generalize algebraic varieties, schemes, and algebraic spaces. They were originally proposed in a paper of Deligne and Mumford on the compactifications of moduli of curves; such stacks are now called Deligne-Mumford stacks. They were later generalized by Michael Artin to what is now called an Artin stack, or sometimes, confusingly, an algebraic stack.
(Also called "radio stack") The section of the instrument panel where the COM, NAV and transponder are installed, usually in a stack on top of one another.
(Also called "radio stack.") The section of the instrument panel that contains the COM, NAV, and transponder radios, usually in a stack.
A list constructed and maintained so that the next item to be retrieved and removed is the most recently stored item still in the list.
The amount of identical items which stack into one inventory slot.
a collection of items that can be accessed one at a time from one end called the top
A four-level semi-directional interchange with no loop ramps, typically serving two high-traffic freeways. See Stack.
an interchange in which left turns are handled by semi-directional flyover ramps
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The ship's funnel on an engine-powered vessel. The origin is probably naval slang
The funnel from which the ship's gasses of combustion are freed to the atmosphere.
an islandlike erosional remnant that remains after an arch collapses, and here in Oahu Chinaman's Hat or Kualoa is the best example that we have
the most basic combination of transducer and amplifying elements together forming a resonant body to be attached to (or including) a radiating surface or horn. In some magnetostrictive transducers, the stack is a set of nickel laminations (shims) brazed at the ends and somemes at the midpoint and fastened to the front driver or horn.
a head and a set of cabinets connected together, ready for use
a head and a set of guitar amplifier cabinets connected and ready to use
a popular supplement taken by body builders before workouts due to the increased amount of energy and alertness
1. Any grouping of supplements, usually configured to heighten the efficacy of one or more elements. 2. The plates loaded on certain exercise machines. Placing the pin at the bottom of the stack refers to using as much weight as possible on such machines.
A compilation of performance-enhancing or nutritional supplements, taken together to maximize their effectiveness.
To select or arrange dishonestly so as to achieve an unfair advantage; as, to stack a deck of cards; to stack a jury with persons prejudiced against the defendant.
arrange the order of so as to increase one's winning chances; "stack the deck of cards"
a technique of arranging objects like when you put books in a box
A group or cluster of loudspeakers placed in close proximity to one another so they function more as a single unit due to acoustic coupling and other factors. Examples: PA stack; Marshall Stack.
a porous structure, emphasizing wall surface to maximize the thermoacoustic effect, yet is short enough in the axial direction that it negligibly impacts the motion of an acoustic wave
a composite record made by combining traces from different seismic records. Commonly, to combine data from several detectors in a limited area.
a processed seismic record that contains traces that have been added together from different records to reduce noise and improve overall data quality. The number of traces that have been added together during stacking is called the fold.
a set of ordered digital images
Putting the newscast's stories in order. Also, what uncreative producers are accused of doing: "She's just a show stacker." (Hurwitz)
The portion of the player mechanism that houses the note valves and note bellows (or striker pneumatics). The spoolbox, tracking mechanism, air motor and transmission are usually mounted on the stack. (See Parts Location - click here)
One or more cartridges mounted on a single column.
In Pennsylvania automobile insurance law, purchasers of insurance have the option to "stack" uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage. If you choose "stacking," this means that you can add the coverage together for each vehicle you have insured, at least under the policy. (An issue presently exists as to whether you can "stack" coverages under separate policies of insurance.) For example, if you have two vehicles, with $100,000/$300,000 (meaning $100,000 available per person, and $300,000 available per accident) in uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage, you can "stack" the coverages and have available $200,000/$600,000 in coverage.
Some back copies of our journals are kept in the stack room on the ground floor. Check the catalogue record for the journal you want and this will tell you whether back copies are on the second floor or in the stack.
Closure or grille curtain folded tightly forms a stack. Often an area in the wall will be for storage - that space is called a pocket.
a convenient way of passing parameters between routines and storage of local variables
a location for temporary storage
n. A slang term for the set of protocols that comprise TCP/IP. The preferred term is TCP/IP.
A set of organized computer variables used to keep track of the various processes that are taking place inside a computer. InterRamp users create a TCP/IP stack when they connect, on their local systems to keep track of the communication processes being carried out between their system and the Internet.
refers to the various layers of TCP and IP and perhaps other protocols.
(slang) (noun) unfortunate distribution of the cards.(2) (verb) prearrange (the cards); fix (the deal)
a file that contain a set of cards, along with buttons, graphics, sound, animation and movie
a file that contains one or more cards, along with buttons, graphics, sound and other multimedia
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a weak sheaf of categories
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a defensive alignment in which one or more linebackers play directly in back of the defensive linemen, so as to help them.
a sequence where each new piece is placed on top of the previous ones
A container holding a sequence of elements and allowing you to insert elements at one end of the sequence and delete elements from the same end of the sequence.
a software feature you use to place one object on top of or behind another object
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(often followed by `of') a large number or amount or extent; "a batch of letters"; "a deal of trouble"; "a lot of money"; "he made a mint on the stock market"; "it must have cost plenty"
an essential part of any nontrivial program
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a series of slices through this volume
Individual fuel cells connected in series.
See 'Fuel cell stack'
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Another term for a bad wreck.
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an obvious choice
a useful structure when performing binary to decimal ASCII conversion, as in the put I instruction, where I is an integer
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a proven method
Offensive strategy in which all the players line up down the middle of the field and alternately make cuts to the side.
an offensive alignment where two players set up in a low post position one side of the lane and a third player is in the low post on the other side
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a series of rules, or protocols, that describe how the various network components are going to talk to each other
a set of layered programs, each of which talk to the ones above and below it
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a way of posing the dog to appear pleasing to the judge
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Four and more checkers on one point.
a collection, meaning that
a collection of (in most cases, similar) photos
a collection of protocol layers which implement network communication
Any device or opening designed or used to emit air contaminants to the ambient air.
To position trusses on the walls in their correct location
an inexpensive, educational toy that is just as durable
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Paper fed into a cutting machine for cutting.
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Staff Stage Monitor
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load or cover with stacks; "stack a truck with boxes"
a list that allows operations only at one end of the list
an ordered list of strings (with no spaces in them)
A list of temporary data used by a program to handle function calls.
a group of forces owned by a particular trader
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a pool with a
Two or more groups/contacts/formations with a high/low altitude separation in relation to each other.
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A large quantity; as, a stack of cash.
a number of repeats that will allow people of differing abilities to finish at about the same time
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a simple construct
A group of network devices that are integrated to form a single logical device.
a natural generalization of a scheme in
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a true object that is defined by its name only
a set of software components that work together to serve a common purpose
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Other expression for: holding stack
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See protocol stack.
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See IP stack.